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Riese P., Schulze K., Ebensen T., Prochnow B., Guzmán CA. (2013) Vaccine adjuvants: key tools for innovative vaccine design. Curr Top Med Chem. 13(20):2562-80.

Wistuba-Hamprecht K., Frasca D., Blomberg B., Pawelec G., Derhovanessian E. (2013). Age-associated alterations in γδ T-cells are present predominantly in individuals infected with Cytomegalovirus. Immun Ageing. 10(1):26.

Derhovanessian E., Theeten H., Hähnel K., Van Damme P., Cools N., Pawelec G. (2013). Cytomegalovirus-associated accumulation of late-differentiated CD4 T-cells correlates with poor humoral response to influenza vaccination. Vaccine. 31(4):685-90.

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BMBF GerontoSys Status Meeting
The status meeting was held in Berlin, 3rd-4th June 2013.


GerontoShield Meetings
Braunschweig, 12th-13th December 2013.

Jena, 23rd-24th May 2013.

Fulda, 4th December 2012.

Tübingen, 17th-18th July 2012.


Kick-off Meeting GerontoSys2
The kick-off meeting of the program was held September 26th-27th 2011 in Berlin.


Kick off Meeting GERONTOSHIELD
The kick off meeting was held March 31st 2011 at the HZI.

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Here you can find the official press release of the project.