AmVac Research

AmVac Research is a biotech company developing highly innovative and multifunctional vaccines. Founded in 2008 in the center of Munich’s Biotech Campus, Martinsried, the company is using a novel viral vector technology that combines excellent immunogenicity of live viral vaccines with the high safety profile of inactivated vaccines. This technology serves as a platform for the development of tailor-made vaccines.

One main focus of the company is the development of vaccines against respiratory tract diseases caused by viral agents such as RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) or hPIV3 (human Parainfluenza virus type 3) against which no effective therapeutic or preventive means yet exist.

Related to vaccination AmVac will make use of its adjuvant platform technology which stimulates the immune system in a well characterized and efficient manner. Unlike most adjuvants currently on the market AmVac’s adjuvant can also be applied via the mucosal route. In this way stimulation of a comprehensive and highly efficient immune response against a wide variety of pathogens can be envisaged. First clinical efficiency shall be proven in combination with an Influenza Vaccine based on AmVac’s virosomal formulation technology.



Dr. Marian Wiegand
group leader