Department of Bioinformatics

The Friedrich Schiller University Jena is a clearly structured classical university with about 19.800 students. It involves 10 schools. Research in the Life Sciences is mainly done in the Schools of Biology and Pharmacy and the Medical School. These are linked by manifold cooperations.

The School of Biology and Pharmacy involves a Department of Bioinformatics, which is a partner in the GERONTOSHIELD network. Research in this department is focused on:

·         Metabolic Pathway Analysis

·         Optimization and Evolutionary Game Theory

·         Biological oscillations (calcium and circadian oscillations)

·         Alternative splicing

Applications include age research, liver physiology, microbial communication and many others. The Department of Bioinformatics is involved in a number of third-party funded networks such as the JenAge centre, Jena School of Microbial Communication, IMPRS Jena, and Virtual Liver Network. Models are permanently validated by comparison with experimental data and, thus, refined. The goals in GERONTOSHIELD will be reached by modern methods of Systems Biology. These include reverse engineering of networks, dynamic simulation, pathway analysis etc.



Prof. Dr. Stefan Schuster
Head of Department

Dr. Heiko Stark

Dr. Ines Heiland


Dr. Sebastian Germerodt