Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research: Department of Vaccinology and Applied Microbiology

The major aim of the Vaccinology group, headed by Prof. Carlos Guzmán is to contribute towards the development of novel technologies and strategies, which could be then used for the establishment of efficient interventions against infectious diseases. This main goal is achieved by pursuing three specific objectives: (i) elucidating the mechanisms of host response to infection and vaccination, (ii) discovering new immune modulators, and (iii) developing vaccines against specific diseases. Within the GERONTOSHIELD project the group will use their expertise in vaccinology, in vitro and in vivo studies and immune modulation to select immune modulators suitable for the use in the elderly.



Prof. Dr. Carlos A. Guzmán
Head of Department

Dr. Blair Prochnow
Project Manager

Dr. Thomas Ebensen
Leading Scientist

Ulrike Broeder