Molecular Microbiology and Gene Therapy Unit

Ralf Wagner heads the Molecular Microbiology & Gene Therapy Unit of the Institute of Medical Microbiology of the University of Regensburg. The Unit has in-depth knowledge in vaccine development, as well as preclinical and clinical testing of e.g. HIV-1 vaccine candidates. According to the necessity of rational vaccine design the group is focusing on various aspects of epidemiology, viral pathogenesis and morphogenesis, HIV replication, and vaccine manufacturing, including preclinical and clinical monitoring of virus specific B- and T-cell responses. Furthermore, new delivery systems (e.g. equine herpesvirus 1, EHV-1) and adjuvants are developed and evaluated. Besides, Ralf Wagner is also co-founder of GENEART, world-leading company in the field of Synthetic Biology, gene- and vector-design. Within the GERONTOSHIELD project, his group will evaluate the efficacy of novel adjuvants for the vaccination of the elderly using in vitro culture models (dendritic cells (DC), T cells) followed by transcriptome as well as proteome/secretome analyses.



Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner
Head of Unit

Dr. Ingrid Obermeier