Expected achievements

It is expected that

  1. the project will close knowledge gaps and provide mechanistic insights into the process of immune senescence
  2. the project will provide the rationale and tools for the development of specific strategies to improve health problems in the elderly
  3. the project will generate a knowledge-base, in silico models and tools, which will enable us to understand key processes occurring during aging that affect the health and quality of life of the elderly
  4. this base will enable or facilitate the development of customized strategies for improving the efficacy of immune interventions in the elderly
  5. the markers emerging from this project will provide clinicians with algorithms to distinguish patients at risk for infection or unresponsiveness to vaccination

Thus, we anticipate that deliverables of the project might lead to commercial products in the years to come led by either the participants or via partnering opportunities. Ascenion, a Helmholtz Society knowledge-management agency, hosted at the coordinating institution (HZI), is experienced in this specific field and will oversee and advise on IP management and the possibilities of commercial exploitation of the research results generated by the project.